Kitchen Benchtops supply a huge range of Kitchen Benchtops, Bathroom Vanity counter tops, business and shop counter tops. Depending on what country you are in it seems the UK calls them Worktops, the USA calls them Counter-tops and Australia calls them Bench-tops. Whatever you call them we have the range and quality you desire.

Counter Tops and Work Surfaces

Laminex makes one of the top products for counter tops and bench tops. They are currently the market leader in Australia for bench tops in the kitchen and bath. They are also industry leaders in providing bench tops for office work space. Their anti-static product offers the work place secure placement for electrical components such as computers and other office equipment. This particular product offers anti-static properties which eliminate the possibility of static electricity building up on the surface.

The laminated product is produced by bonding a laminate covering over a high density particle board then coating the underside with resin which provides a barrier to moisture. A heated press is used to bond all of these elements together. The final product is a highly durable surface which is suitable for the kitchen, bath, laundry room, hospital furniture, and doors. It is heat and fire resistant as well as stain resistant. Because it is non-porous it is recognized as a clean and sterile product which can be used in the home or in the public work place.

Laminex offers a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from. They also offer several different grades, depending on what the product will be used for. Laminex is often the number one choice for those who are remodeling their kitchen or bath because of its durability and affordability. It is often used as a back splash in the kitchen area because it is easily cleaned and resists stains.

In the United Kingdom granite work tops are the most desirable. Many people are under the misconception that this product is too expensive for them to afford but there are options which allow them to purchase directly from the manufacturer and save quite a bit of money. Granite is one of the most enduring surfaces because it is practically indestructible. It provides a beautiful work surface which is all natural and brings a touch of nature into your home. In many homes in the United Kingdom you will find granite in the kitchen, breakfast islands, or as a top to the bar. It provides the home with a look of luxury which will last for many years into the future.

For those who do not know what granite is, it is a natural stone that is formed underground from volcanic magma. Over the course of millions of years the volcano dies and the chamber underneath it solidifies and forms what is known as granite. Because it is a natural product there are many different color variations and patterns as well as many different types of textures.

Granite can be purchased for domestic use as well as in a commercial grade which is used in public areas. The higher class UK hotels will often use commercial grade granite in their bathrooms to provide a luxurious look as well as providing an enduring surface. When looking for granite one should beware that many stones are represented to be granite but actually are manmade.

It is possible for one to install granite work tops in their home but it is advised that a professional be hired to do the job. If you are highly skilled in carpentry you might be able to do the job yourself but with granite tops you will need accuracy of measurements and help with correct placement. The best route to take is to hire a professional who specializes in the installation of granite surfaces since you will probably have to live with the work tops for many years.

Another very popular product which is used in the UK is Staron. Staron was manufactured by Samsung Chemical and now manufactured by Lotte Advanced Materials and is a solid surface which provides the highest of quality and up to date modern designs. They offer an endless option for design and color and the product can be molded and shaped to suit the customer’s needs. With seamless joints the solid surface is very fire retardant and highly resistant to bacteria. The most practical uses for Staron will be found in elegant kitchens, healthcare kitchens, and commercial business.

Staron is suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, window sills, bar tops, reception desks, and tub decks. It can also be used to create shower walls which surround a bathtub. Because of its versatility you will find it in many hotels, restaurants, and medical clinics. The surface is easy to clean and care for and retains its quality for many years. It is not uncommon to find Staron in some of the most expensive of homes. Staron is fairly easy to install and can be installed by the homeowner if they have a basic knowledge of carpentry.

In the United States many people choose Formica, as their choice for counter tops and back splashes. It is a highly versatile product which can be used for counter tops, wet bars, vanity tops in bathrooms, window sills, and table tops. Many people have work tops in their laundry rooms which are covered in Formica. Floral shops have work benches which are covered in Formica because it is durable and easy to clean.

Formica is a very affordable option to homeowners who want to remodel and update their kitchen or bath. It comes in many colors and designs and you will be able to find one that suites your personal decor. They offer different types of finish such as matte, satin, and gloss. The gloss finish has a high shine and is suitable for commercial use because of the ability to clean it easily. All Formica is heat and stain resistant and provides a non-porous surface which is resistant to bacteria. Cleaning with soap and water is usually sufficient but bleach can be used if needed.

Formica is fairly easy to install and many homeowners can do the job themselves. The trick is in matching up the mitered corners but with correct measurement this should not pose a big problem. Formica is usually pre-cut to fit the size you need so correct measurements are essential.

Another great material which is gaining popularity in the United States is stainless steel . For many years stainless steel has been used to make examining tables in medical facilities including operating tables found in hospitals. Commercial kitchens have known about the benefits of stainless steel for several years and have used the product for counter tops, sinks, stoves, and refrigerators. Recent years have seen the product become more and more popular in the domestic arena with more and more homes turning their kitchens into stainless steel workplaces. Stainless steel is also the most desired product for cutlery and cookware.

Stainless steel counter tops provide a work surface which is clean and resistant to stains and scratches. It is heat resistant and will allow you to set hot pots on it which come directly from the heat of the stove. There is little to no maintenance other than routine cleaning with soap and water. It is virtually indestructible and is available in a polished, buffed, and gloss finish. The gloss finish will show the most signs of use where the buffed finish will hide any small scratches or imperfections.

The look of stainless steel provides a cool and inviting picture when integrated into your current decor. The buffed finish is resistant to fingerprints and scratch marks and reflects the natural light which makes the area look cleaner and brighter.

Stainless steel counter tops are fairly easy to install but care must be taken when working with the raw product. Sharp edges could pose a danger and the raw sheets can be bent which would not be attractive when finished out.

CaesarStone is a material which is often used in new construction of high-end homes. It is primarily used for counter tops and bathroom vanity tops and offers rugged elegance to any area. The product is 93% pure crushed quartz which is combined with polymer resins to create a solid surface that is durable and very long lasting.

CaesarStone has been used for many years by the rich and famous but is now starting to get more use in the commercial arena. Quartz is considered to be one of the hardest minerals found in nature and the finished surface is beautiful and tough enough to stand up to severe abuse. Only the best quartz is used in the making of CaesarStone and its beauty is unparalleled.

CaesarStone is stain resistant, scratch resistant, heat resistant, and mold and mildew resistant. It can withstand the freezing temperatures and the non-porous surface is very sanitary and easy to clean. In the United States it has received the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval because of its quality and durability.

Although the product is primarily used in the United States, it has also gained world wide recognition and many different countries are starting to use it in their homes and workplaces. In the past it was considered too expensive to put in the average home but now more and more people are using it because of its lasting ability. It is not recommended for you to try and install CaesarStone yourself since it requires the skill of a trained professional.

Marble is certainly not a new concept since it has been around for many years. When one thinks of marble you automatically think of luxury and elegance. It has been used in expensive homes for several years and most people do not consider it because it is an expensive option. It is, however, becoming more popular in the mid-price range homes because of its lasting durability.

Adding marble to you kitchen counter tops or bathroom vanities provides style and elegance as well as increasing the value of your home. It is also found in some of the more high class hotels and business establishments. Marble provides a unique look because it features random swirls of color throughout the piece. This enhances the natural beauty and provides interesting detail. It provides you with a non-porous finish which is easily cleaned and maintained.

It is never recommended that you try to install marble yourself since it requires the trained skill of stonemasons. If you are going to go the extra mile and pay for marble you don’t want to ruin it by trying to save money on installation. You will pay more money up front but in the long run you will save money because of the lasting durability. When care is taken, marble can easily last you an entire lifetime.

Dupont produces a product called Corian which is very popular in domestic as well as commercial institutions. It provides you with a lifetime of easy care and there are over 100 colors and pattern styles to choose from. Counter top finishes are available in matte, satin, semi-gloss, and high gloss. Most domestic homes will choose the matte or satin finish. It is easily cleaned with soap and water but stubborn stains can be cleaned with stronger cleaners. It is important to note that the darker colors usually require more attention than the lighter colors. All Corian can be refurbished and restored to its original beauty which makes it a highly desirable product.

Corian is a good value for your money because it provides the owner with long term use. It is solid and can withstand the daily use of food preparation and general work such as floral arranging and even dog grooming. It is made by Dupont which is a highly recognized name in the industry. Dupont stands behind their product and will gladly replace it if you are not completely satisfied.

Corian has many uses such as counter tops, sinks, shelves, tub and shower surrounds, and vanity tops and bowls. You can order a sample from your local dealer but if you do not have one they offer a website with pictures and addresses for you to order from. Corian can be installed by the homeowner if they have carpentry skills. Care should be taken for mitered corners since they can often be tricky. Many places will pre-cut your counter tops for you if you take them your counter measurements. If you don’t feel that you can do the job yourself your Corian dealer should be able to provide you with recommendations.