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    Today’s architects and interior designers can choose from numerous materials for use in worktops, walls, floors, tables, and other furniture. Some of the most used materials are marble , granite , Silestone and Staron. Staron Solid Surface is often used by interior designers and architects today as it is 100% hygienic, easy to clean and non porous. Germs and dirt don’t actually have any place to accumulate in Staron. Staron Solid Surface has been approved for surface use in laboratories and commercial food preparation areas. Staron is not just stain resistant; it is not possible to permanently stain it at all. You can wipe away any marks on the Staron worktop using your everyday household cleaning product. Staron worktops provide highlights to areas of your home and help make each room a unique statement of your personality. The Staron solid surface counter top comes with inconspicuous seams that have great resistance to damage from water. Staron is used extensively in kitchens, laundries and bathrooms. Staron was created by the technology giant Samsung and now owned by Lotte Advanced Materials and meets the quality control systems of ISO 9002 and ISO 14001. Staron worktops come with a ten year limited warranty and new colors are constantly being released. With a Staron solid surface worktop, the appearance of any and all kitchens and bathrooms is enhanced. Staron counter tops come in more than 70 colors with a limitless range of edge details and inlay options. In addition to being elegant, Staron bench tops are practical and easy to maintain. If the surface of the Staron worktop is ever scratched it can easily be repaired with a mild abrasive cleaner or a light duty kitchen scrubbing pad. Staron is a 100% acrylic product that looks and feels like a natural stone. One of the reasons people opt for Staron for their interior designing needs is for its visual appeal and easy maintenance. Besides being stain resistant, smooth, seamless and easy to maintain, Staron is also durable, shock absorbent and impact resistant. Because of the design flexibility of Staron solid surface bench tops you…

  • Caesarstone Countertops
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    Caesarstone Benchtops

    Caesarstone Counter Tops: In top Shape Living in a new home is always a pleasant experience for the first few months. As someone who loves each and every parcel of your home, it is important that you are able to visualize the different forms and functions of your living space. Now, as someone who values the intricacies and the ambiance brought about by a cozy kitchen, planning each and every material, fixture, and design of your cooking space is essential. Kitchen counters have been the prime item for all suburban homes. Kitchen counters give the homebodies room to do their favorite dishes, it gives the household members the space to eat their quick breakfast or casual lunch, and it can also be nice fixture for informal meetings with your friends and relatives. Simply put, the importance of kitchen counters cannot be stressed enough. Enter the Quartz If you are looking for a great material for your kitchen counters, there is one of many that would capture your preference. For most people Caesarstone tops have been one of the primary choices. Caesarstone tops are known for their combination of primacy and class as it mixes form and function very well. Caesarstone counter tops allow for various designs due to the diverse color set and materials available. Home makers can try out different patterns that will surely fit the layout of your kitchen and your house as a whole. Caesarstone counter tops is highly resistant to scratch, stains, and heat, making it a very durable material compared to other counter tops such as granite and marble. Its durability justifies its practical use as it is often expended for other house fixtures such as dining tables, bathrooms, walls, and a lot more. Caesarstone counter tops comes from a specially engineered quartz stone, which is nature’s hardest mineral. The engineered stone is then polished to perfection, molded and designed to their current use. Its versatile shine and durability makes it popular in architecture and interior designing. Selecting Colors Caesarstone counter tops offer various colors to fit just about any household requirement. For a summer…

  • Bard
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    Displayed are some of the Staron Customized Commercial work completed using various designs and colors of Staron Solid Surfaces. You will see not only countertops but also customized uses for the Staron Solid Surfaces.  Dinosphere at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis Aspen Brown Staron Solid Surface is used to surround a LCD monitor at a Dinosaur Museum. You can see from this photo that Staron Solid Surfaces can be used in all sorts of situations enabling you to get that superb design effect. Right next to the LCD display is a countertop designed in the same Aspen Brown Staron Solid Surface. This custom design was for the Dinosphere at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.  Pebble Aqua Staron Solid Surface for Curved Reception Desk Pebble Aqua Staron Solid Surface was used in this exquisite reception area. With wave formation curved front counter tops as well as round placement countertops. The use-ability, design-ability and functionality of Staron Solid Surfaces is nearly limitless from straight line edges to waves and circle patterns there is a design for your needs. Pebble Gold Staron Solid Surface for Restaurant Food Serving Counter Pebble Gold Staron Solid Surface used in a multi level restaurant food serving counter top along with the strip along the cabinets of the counter. With Staron you can hide the join lines from separate pieces as shown in this photo, there is no join line at any corner. Pebble Gold Staron Solid Surface built in to the cashier clerks stations of a large restaurant. Multi level counter tops along with strip edging on the cabinets underneath. You can also see that no visible join lines for any of the corners of the countertop.

  • Formica Benchtop
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    Formica Benchtops

    Formica is basically made of laminate, and Formica is the brand name of the material. Today it is one of the first and more popular brands that is available both in home centers and online. This corporation is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and was established in the year 1913. Formica countertops are comparatively easier to maintain and available in numerous colors and shades. This is the reason it is the first choice for most home builders, interior decorators and housewives.

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    Laminex Freestyle is actually a brand of countertop material that is available, and they are in fact one of the most popular and commonly used brands in the world. In terms of applications, the Freestyle countertops are perfectly suitable for both the home and commercial environments. They are available in 20 options and over 4 color ranges, and the Freestyle countertops feature a beautiful, durable, and elegant surfacing material that can be seamlessly and effortlessly molded to any shape that you desire.

  • Silestone Counter Top
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    Silestone Benchtops

    Counter tops are one of the most important parts of any kitchen. There are many materials that can be used in the manufacture of counter tops, like granite, marble and Silestone. One of the most environmentally sensitive materials used for kitchen counter tops today is Silestone. Silestone is manufactured in Spain and is used mainly in European countries and the USA. Silestone is made of 94% quartz and the remaining six percent comes from natural, disposable, maintenance free materials. Silestone is a product that is a special combination of polymer resin, quartz, color pigments and glass. It is the only quartz surface that uses Microban active antibacterial protection. Silestone Counter Tops are popular for use in hospitals, aged care, hotel receptions, retail fit outs and in kitchen and bathroom use. It can be used for walls, floors, splash backs or work tops and is a Green guard certified product. The benefit of the Microban antibacterial protection that is built into Silestone during its manufacturing process is that the surface does not wear or wash off even after prolonged and continuous usage. You get life long protection with a Silestone surface. The Microban in the Silestone counter top inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria like e-coli and listeria, which can cause food poisoning. You get a much cleaner, healthier, environment with Silestone counter tops. The structure of Silestone gives it the hardness and strength of granite with the natural, textured, good looks found in marble and limestone. Silestone is scratch resistant, heat resistant and stain resistant. This makes it relatively maintenance free for use in the kitchen as it can withstand all the stains and scratches that may be caused by using the surface directly when cooking. To get an even longer life from your Silestone counter tops, however, it is recommended you do not place very hot containers directly on the Silestone work top. Place a stand in between the container and the Silestone counter top and use a chopping board for cutting. Silestone is a product that is produced under extreme heat and pressure to make the end product…

  • Wilsonart Laminate Kitchen Countertop
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    There are so many different options that you have today when it comes to countertops, and one of the best and most popular options of all are the Wilsonart countertops, for very good reason. They are made of incredibly high quality, and the history behind the Wilsonart Company itself is one that is worthy of respect. They are a company that was founded as a producer of high pressure decorative laminate in the 1950s, and which today is one of the most major countertop competitors in the world.