Laminate Benchtops

A selection of the wide variety of laminate benchtops.

  • Laminex Benchtop
    Laminate Benchtops

    Laminex Laminate Benchtops

    The most common option for kitchen countertops today is laminate countertops. These countertops are made from several layers of synthetic materials of Kraft paper materials, melamine plastic coatings and decorative paper. The reason people choose laminate countertops for their kitchen…

  • Egger Benchtop
    Laminate Benchtops

    Egger Benchtops

    Egger Laminates have created¬† a range¬† of exceptional colours and surface finishes by using high quality materials and modern manufacturing techniques. With their high wear resistant finish they are suitable for a range of applications such as new or renovated…

  • Formica Benchtop
    Laminate Benchtops

    Formica Benchtops

    Formica is basically made of laminate, and Formica is the brand name of the material. Today it is one of the first and more popular brands that is available both in home centers and online. This corporation is located in…

  • Wilsonart Laminate Kitchen Countertop
    Laminate Benchtops

    WilsonArt Benchtops

    There are so many different options that you have today when it comes to countertops, and one of the best and most popular options of all are the Wilsonart countertops, for very good reason. They are made of incredibly high…