You may wonder why a category of Splashbacks in on a Kitchen benchtop website. The answer is they go hand in hand. When designing your Kitchen, part of the overall aesthetics is what colour or material will go on the wall above the benchtop. In this case we can suggest a variety of splashbacks including glass and polymer.

  • Akril Select Christmas Flower Splashbacks

    Akril Select Kitchen Splashbacks

    Proudly manufactured in Australia, using an innovative process, the Akril Select Kitchen range of Splashbacks. Having the same quality and features of the standard splashback range. Akril Select is a designer set offering modern and vibrant patterns. Without the costly…

  • Splashbacks

    Zenolite Panel Splashbacks

    Zenolite Panels have a range of designer colours, plus being made from unique Polymers that will not crack,warp,shatter,stain or distort from normal commercial or household activities and does not have the limitations of aluminium paneling.