Corian Kitchen Countertops By Dupont
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Corian Benchtops

Corian benchtops are a popular brand of solid surface benchtops. A solid surface benchtop is a type of countertop that is made using a blend of stone derived materials and blending acrylic polymers, basically plastic. This blend is then poured into molds to get half inch thick sheets.

Corian countertops are manufactured by DuPont, who used to manufacture stone counter tops under the brand name Zodiac. DuPont was first to use the nonporous material Corian, about 30 years ago. Corian is found in numerous colors and adapts well as kitchen countertops, and other food preparation areas.

Corian countertops are basically easy to clean, and whilst they are not easy to scratch they can be scratched. Moreover, bacteria, mold and mildew don’t survive on Corian countertops, making Corian countertops a much more hygienic choice. The reason for this is that Corian countertops have no seams as they can be ordered in a single piece. Moreover, Corian countertops do not chip easily. Besides DuPont, there are other brands of Corian countertops like Avonite, Gibralter and Earthstone.

As Corian is basically plastic, their colors are not rich in tone, and neither do they possess the color you find in marble, granite and Silverstone colors. In the past, you only had a limited choice of boring earth tones for your Corian countertops. However today there are many designs and colors available.

The maintenance of Corian countertops is relatively easy. Unlike quartz, granite, laminate and marble countertops, you can even use abrasive cleaners to clean Corian countertops.

Corian countertops are found in three types of countertop finishes; matte, gloss and semi gloss. Though soapy water or any cleaner which is ammonia based can be used to remove dirt and stains from these countertops, different techniques have to be used to remove the more difficult stains on these three types of Corian countertop surfaces.

It is better to treat stains as they occur on matte and satin finished Corian countertops. On wiping the countertop, maintain a habit of towel drying them to buff out the countertop. To disinfect the countertop, a mild bleach solution is sufficient while you can use products specially recommended for Corian for other cleaning requirements.

Semi-gloss Corian countertops are to be cleaned in the same way as matte finish countertops. However to enhance its shine, you can use special countertop polish. Clean it everyday using a sponge or a damp cloth and buff dry for increased shine. The high gloss Corian countertops need more loving care. Basic instructions are the same; however a soft polish is needed for a high finish on the countertops. Once again, they have to be wiped dry with a damp cloth, and buffed dry.

However make it a point to avoid any exposure of strong chemicals like paint removers, oven cleaners with the Corian countertops. If there is unavoidable contact, you have to immediately flush the surface with water. Nail polish can be removed using a non-acetone polish remover, and then flushing the surface with water.

Courian countertops easily stand the challenges of daily use and are easily refinished to its original appearance if there are any scratches, nicks or cuts on its surface. Minor damages like general and chemical stains, burns, scorches, scratches and minor impact marks can be refinished immediately using a light abrasive cleaner and a Scotch-Brite pad.

However if there is any heavier damage, then you may have to do some light sanding with 400-grit wet and dry paper. It is better to wet the surface before starting to hand-sand as this minimizes dust. If this is not successful, you could try an electric sander and heavier grit paper. However if this too fails, consult your Corian countertop professional for other options.

This is why Corian countertops can retain its beauty for many years, and does not need any form of frequent replacements. However, it is not advised to cut directly on Corian countertops. Use a cutting board so that you can use your Corian countertops for a longer period of time.

However unlike granite and quartz, Corian countertops are not resistant to heat. So you cannot place hot pots or pans on its surface. Always use trivets when placing hot vessels on Corian countertops as they may melt under direct heat. Though Corian countertops generally don’t stain easily, it has a soft surface, thus providing you protection from breaking any dishes which accidentally fall on them.

The greatest advantage of Corian countertops is that they are seamless as you can order to have them made to your order and specifications. Moreover, whichever joints you may have in the countertop, they are joined using an adhesive availed from base ingredients of Corian. This is why all the joints of Corian look inconspicuous. However the joints never are invisible, and if you look hard enough, you are sure to see the joint. These joints are impermeable and inconspicuous and fit well for use in bathrooms, kitchens and for any other place requiring a countertop.

Another advantage of Corian countertops is that you can have your sink built into the countertop as Corian sinks can be integrated seamlessly into the top when made to order. This reduces your overall costs as you need not pay for the sink and countertop individually, nor pays for their individual installments. Moreover, with the absence of a seam, you find it easier to keep things clean as there is no place for any form of dirt and gunk to collect and hide.

Besides being used as Corian countertops, Corian can also be used in tub surrounds, shower stalls and other surfaces. This is because Corian offers a wide range of edge treatments and decorative inlays to choose from. With it being possible to shape and form Corian into sweeping curves and angles, you can easily create seamless looking worktops for your kitchen.

Corian countertops come with a longer warranty than other countertops; maybe a 10 year warranty. Its cost is also rather affordable; it ranges from $40 to $70 per square foot depending on texture and pattern. It is important that the installation of Corian countertops be done by professional fabricators or countertop professionals, and not as a do-it-yourself project.

Corian countertops are usually assembled in the shop to provide less space for error and onsite preparation, and minimal inconvenience to you. Moreover, Corian countertops are not nailed or screwed down like most countertops. They are attached using dots of silicone chaulk to give way for expansion and contraction.