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Granite Benchtops

Architects, interior designers and do it yourself renovators have a large range of materials to choose from when it comes to interior design these days.

Synthetic materials include plain and brightly colored laminates or jewel-like resins and there are also the always popular natural products like marble, granite and stone to choose from.

The range of options is varied so you can make choices to suit any budget for your home.

When choosing the right finish for your kitchen bench tops and splash-backs it is important to choose material that it is not only stylish and appealing but is also functional and practical too. The kitchen is a primary center of activity of the house where the cook in the house spends most of his or her time. The choice of granite for bench tops is practical and stylish. Granite looks good but it also has low maintenance costs and is one of the best choices for the kitchen.

Granite is one of the most beautiful varieties of stone in the world today. It is an ageless, yet always contemporary, and stylish look. Granite is produced in many countries around the world. Companies like Gran-Marbello International import and refine granite making it appeal to prospective customers.

When designing kitchen interiors, granite is often preferred over other materials because of its strength. It does not scratch as easily as marble and it is easily cleaned. Marble is durable and comes in a gloss or hammered look but it costs more and is less hardy so people tend to prefer to use granite for their bench tops and high use areas of their kitchens. Granite is harder in structure than marble and has a different look. There is a much tighter pattern in granite than in marble. There are, however, some superior types of granite that cost as much as marble but look like marble without being as fragile.

There are different types of granite available on the market today both natural and artificial. One of the best known man made granite is Rocksolid Granit. Rocksolid Granit is ninety five percent natural granite with five percent polymer added. Its surface is highly polished and attractive but it offers a low maintenance, durable surface that is heat, scratch, and stain resistant.

Most of the granite, like Rocksolid Granit, are easy to use in the kitchen. All you have to do is place the granite slab over the existing benchtop saving you a lot of time, mess and money. You can find granite bench tops in a variety of colors from its natural, earthy tones, to blues, blacks, and reds.

The slabs used for granite bench tops are versatile and need not be limited to use on kitchen bench tops. These slabs can be used almost anywhere in the home. They are suitable for use on bathroom walls, vanity tops, shower recesses, floors, splash-backs, entry foyers, kick-boards and even in fireplaces. The options are many and depend entirely on your preferences and budget.

Granite has low porosity allowing it to withstand high temperatures and it is hard enough to resist staining and scratching. Investing in a granite benchtop ensures your benchtop will stand the test of time. Granite bench tops have a natural beauty and elegance that adds depth and character to your home.

Granite comes in a variety of colors and textures so that you can choose the best granite bench tops to complement the interior of your home. Granite bench tops are more hygienic than many other materials because they are easy to keep clean and maintain. All that is needed is non-abrasive household cleaning liquids and a damp cloth.

Granite is, however, a natural material so it is wise to avoid placing very cold or very hot things directly onto the work surface. Natural expansion and contraction of the stone can lead to some cracking in the granite benchtop.

If you accidentally drop hot oil or fat on the granite benchtop, it is better to wipe it off immediately. Don’t leave it on the granite benchtop thinking that there will be no staining. Granite is stain resistant but not stain-proof so there is a high possibility the granite will absorbing oil and fat. The best way of cleaning these of is to cover the area where the fat was dropped with thinners then place a cloth over the fat to absorb it.

Granite is a stain resistant material but it is best to avoid leaving things that can stain, like a rusted tin, on the bench top for long periods of time. This is because a stain may develop on the granite benchtop over time. It is also not at all advised to use abrasive cleaners to clean granite bench tops as these cleaners effect the polish of the granite making it less resistant to scratches and stains.

Granite is a strong and durable stone but, like any natural material, it is not abuse proof. It can be damaged by blows or by putting too much weight on it such as leaning on the narrow edges found in front of sinks and hotplates. Never attempt to stand on granite bench tops as this will only lead to cracking.

With the right care and maintenance granite will give you many years of attractive service and you will find putting a granite benchtop in your kitchen an investment worth making!