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Marble Tiles

There are many different types of materials that you can choose from to use in your kitchen however one of the most popular by far is the marble tiles option. There are many different reasons for this, and the only real way that you can be able to truly understand any of these reasons is by first learning and understanding about the actual marble material itself first.

What is Marble?

Marble is a type of metaphoric rock that results from the metamorphism of limestone, and which is composed mostly of calcite, which is a crystalline form of calcium carbonate. There are several different types of marble available, some historical kinds which are named after the locations of their quarries, including: Durango marble from Mexico, Thassos from Greece, Paros from Greece, Rouge de Rance from Belgium, Panteli from Greece, Fauske from Norway, Connemara from Ireland, Macael from Spain, Yule from Colorado, and Llano Pink from Texas.

Advantages of Marble Tiles

There are many advantages that you gain from using marble tiles, and for one it helps to add a great deal of elegance and beauty to your home overall. You also have a lot of variety with the marble material, as there are various different colors, sizes and shapes that you can choose from. Marble tiles can give an incredibly dynamic and elegant look to your home, and will last you a lifetime

Disadvantages of Marble Tiles

There are also some disadvantages of marble tiles, such as the fact that in order to maintain their beautiful appearance, you need to take proper care of them, and this means that you have to keep the marble looking at its best by not letting it get too dirty or messy. Whenever the tiles become dirty you have to clean them immediately, and always keep and protect the marble tiles from any damage.

Before You Buy

Whenever you are planning on purchasing marble tiles for your home, there are a few things that you are going to want to take into consideration. For one, you need to consider the most important factors, such as the shape, size, color and measurement of the tiles. Two of the most popular types of marble tiles are glazed and unglazed: glazed marble tiles are smooth surfaced and able to resist water and other stains, while unglazed marble tiles are scratch resistant but at the same time are more prone to stains because they do not have the same hard surface that glazed marble tiles do.

Care and Maintenance

When it comes to the care and maintenance of your marble tiles, you need to prepare lukewarm water and get a clean sponge, rubbing the floor gently until it is clean and shiny. If the tiles are especially dirty, then you may need to use a bit of Borax and use a clean damp cloth to scrub the tiles gently, cleaning off the dirt, and then clean it dry with a clean cloth until it is shiny again.