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Today’s architects and interior designers can choose from numerous materials for use in worktops, walls, floors, tables, and other furniture. Some of the most used materials are marble , granite , Silestone and Staron. Staron Solid Surface is often used by interior designers and architects today as it is 100% hygienic, easy to clean and non porous. Germs and dirt don’t actually have any place to accumulate in Staron.

Staron Solid Surface has been approved for surface use in laboratories and commercial food preparation areas. Staron is not just stain resistant; it is not possible to permanently stain it at all. You can wipe away any marks on the Staron worktop using your everyday household cleaning product.

Staron worktops provide highlights to areas of your home and help make each room a unique statement of your personality.

The Staron solid surface counter top comes with inconspicuous seams that have great resistance to damage from water. Staron is used extensively in kitchens, laundries and bathrooms. Staron was created by the technology giant Samsung and now owned by Lotte Advanced Materials and meets the quality control systems of ISO 9002 and ISO 14001. Staron worktops come with a ten year limited warranty and new colors are constantly being released.

With a Staron solid surface worktop, the appearance of any and all kitchens and bathrooms is enhanced. Staron counter tops come in more than 70 colors with a limitless range of edge details and inlay options. In addition to being elegant, Staron bench tops are practical and easy to maintain. If the surface of the Staron worktop is ever scratched it can easily be repaired with a mild abrasive cleaner or a light duty kitchen scrubbing pad.

Staron is a 100% acrylic product that looks and feels like a natural stone. One of the reasons people opt for Staron for their interior designing needs is for its visual appeal and easy maintenance. Besides being stain resistant, smooth, seamless and easy to maintain, Staron is also durable, shock absorbent and impact resistant.

Because of the design flexibility of Staron solid surface bench tops you can incorporate unique designs, decorative edges, inlays and interesting curves and other shapes. Staron is basically solid so moisture cannot penetrate. Moreover, by using Staron for your worktops, you get a variety of customized options including heat rails and drainage channels that can be included in your kitchen.

You can order your Staron counter top from one of the many types of Staron color and style ranges available today. The Aspen range boasts colors that create a quartz like appearance combining small and mid sized particles in a bed of muted solid colors. The Pebble range consists of large, more visible particles, in a bed of small and mid-sized particles giving a granite look to the Staron stone.

The solid range offers light and solid colors that are just right for countertops where there is heavy usage and less time for maintenance. This range is the best choice for kitchen counter tops. The sand variety of Staron work tops come in a range of colors and have small, sand-sized particles in different degrees of depth and visibility.

The Quarry range of Staron stones have large particles with a rich and granite-like appearance. The Talus range offers slightly translucent colors combined with crystal flecks in different sizes. As the name implies, the metallic range offers metallic crystal flecks that create a real impression. The latest addition to the series of Staron stones is breccia which has dark, translucent, particles that are combined to give a lovely, mosaic, look to the stone.

Staron stone usually comes in 3680mm (12 feet) x 760mm (2 1/2 feet) x 13mm (1/2 inch) sheets. With the flexibility of Staron you can achieve different effects by using different thicknesses. You can also find Staron in 2500mm (8.2 feet) x 760 mm (2 1/2 feet) x 6mm (1/4 inch) slabs for use vertically in situations where weight is a factor to reckon with.

The best way to clean Staron countertops is using soap and water mixed with ammonia based cleaner like glass cleaners. After this, water stains have to be wiped with a damp cloth and then sponged dry with a towel. If you find difficult stains on the Staron worktop, you needn’t worry as they can be removed. To remove difficult stains on dull finishes use an abrasive cleaner with a green Scotch Brite pad. Rub in a circular motion to get the best, fastest, results.

For semi gloss surfaces use a soft scrub that is diluted with bleach. Using a white Scotch Brite pad, rub in a circular motion to get rid of the stain as quickly as possible. In the case of high gloss surfaces, use a sponge instead of a white Scotch Brite pad. If you find that the stained area is dull when compared to its surrounding area use a white polishing compound and a sponge to restore the gloss.

You can disinfect Staron bench tops by occasionally using diluted household bleach. Scratches and cuts can be removed using sandpaper. Staron is heat resistant when compared to other bench tops but it is always better to use a hot pad when placing hot pans and frying pans on any bench top. Strong chemicals should be flushed with water immediately as spots may form with long contact with the chemicals. With the proper care a Staron work top will last a lifetime in your kitchen.