• Akril Select Christmas Flower Splashbacks

    Akril Select Kitchen Splashbacks

    Proudly manufactured in Australia, using an innovative process, the Akril Select Kitchen range of Splashbacks. Having the same quality and features of the standard splashback range. Akril Select is a designer set offering modern and vibrant patterns. Without the costly…

  • Simplicity Obsidian Bench
    Synthetic Benchtops

    Simplicity Benchtops

    Simplicity™ solid surfaces are the perfect addition to any home – easy to clean, resistant to scratching and Non-porous. With a select range of 9 fabulous colours, Simplicity™ has a colour to compliment any combination of materials in your kitchen.

  • Laminex Benchtop
    Laminate Benchtops

    Laminex Laminate Benchtops

    The most common option for kitchen countertops today is laminate countertops. These countertops are made from several layers of synthetic materials of Kraft paper materials, melamine plastic coatings and decorative paper. The reason people choose laminate countertops for their kitchen…

  • Marble Benchtop
    Natural Benchtops

    Marble Benchtops

    Marble is a natural, metamorphic stone derived from limestone. Marble is softened by heat and pressure then re-crystallizes into marble with some mineral changes. These changes are what gives marble many beautiful and subtle colors.

  • Egger Benchtop
    Laminate Benchtops

    Egger Benchtops

    Egger Laminates have created  a range  of exceptional colours and surface finishes by using high quality materials and modern manufacturing techniques. With their high wear resistant finish they are suitable for a range of applications such as new or renovated…

  • Marble Floor
    Natural Tiles

    Marble Tiles

    There are many advantages that you gain from using marble tiles, and for one it helps to add a great deal of elegance and beauty to your home overall. You also have a lot of variety with the marble material,…

  • Corian Kitchen Countertops By Dupont
    Synthetic Benchtops

    Corian Benchtops

    Corian countertops are manufactured by DuPont, who used to manufacture stone counter tops under the brand name Zodiac. DuPont was first to use the nonporous material Corian, about 30 years ago. Corian is found in numerous colors and adapts well…

  • Granite Benchtop
    Natural Benchtops

    Granite Benchtops

    Architects, interior designers and do it yourself renovators have a large range of materials to choose from when it comes to interior design these days. Synthetic materials include plain and brightly colored laminates or jewel-like resins and there are also…

  • Granite Tiles
    Natural Tiles

    Granite Tiles

    Granite is a material that is, quite literally, as old as the Earth, and is formed from liquid magma, which is the molten rock that is found at the core of the planet. It is an igneous type of rock,…

  • Staron Pebble Aqua Front Office
    Synthetic Benchtops

    Staron Benchtops

    Today’s architects and interior designers can choose from numerous materials for use in worktops, walls, floors, tables, and other furniture. Some of the most used materials are marble , granite , Silestone and Staron. Staron Solid Surface is often used…