• Staron Pebble Aqua Front Office
    Synthetic Benchtops

    Staron Benchtops

    Today’s architects and interior designers can choose from numerous materials for use in worktops, walls, floors, tables, and other furniture. Some of the most used materials are marble , granite , Silestone and Staron. Staron Solid Surface is often used…

  • Formica Benchtop
    Laminate Benchtops

    Formica Benchtops

    Formica is basically made of laminate, and Formica is the brand name of the material. Today it is one of the first and more popular brands that is available both in home centers and online. This corporation is located in…

  • Laminex Freestyle Smooth Concrete Kitchen Countertop
    Synthetic Benchtops

    Freestyle Benchtops

    Laminex Freestyle is actually a brand of countertop material that is available, and they are in fact one of the most popular and commonly used brands in the world. In terms of applications, the Freestyle countertops are perfectly suitable for…

  • Silestone Counter Top
    Synthetic Benchtops

    Silestone Benchtops

    Counter tops are one of the most important parts of any kitchen. There are many materials that can be used in the manufacture of counter tops, like granite, marble and Silestone. One of the most environmentally sensitive materials used for…

  • Splashbacks

    Zenolite Panel Splashbacks

    Zenolite Panels have a range of designer colours, plus being made from unique Polymers that will not crack,warp,shatter,stain or distort from normal commercial or household activities and does not have the limitations of aluminium paneling.

  • Wilsonart Laminate Kitchen Countertop
    Laminate Benchtops

    WilsonArt Benchtops

    There are so many different options that you have today when it comes to countertops, and one of the best and most popular options of all are the Wilsonart countertops, for very good reason. They are made of incredibly high…

  • Trezzini Countertop
    Synthetic Benchtops

    Trezzini Benchtops

    In a nutshell, Trezzini is 3mm thick, with a non porous surface providing for streamlined joins. Its color is solid throughout and the countertop comes with a 10 year guarantee. This is why Trezzini is the best option for commercial…