Trezzini Countertop
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Trezzini Benchtops

Of the many different materials available for your counter top, Trezzini is one of the better choices for you. Trezzini is a substance that permits you to design any worktop or countertop you like while offering its astounding versatility. It can not only be used for countertops, but also vertically like in walls. Usually only 12 mm thick solid stones make a great countertop; however Trezzini countertops are only 3mm thick, and bonded to a substrate.

In a nutshell, Trezzini is 3mm thick, with a non porous surface providing for streamlined joins. Its color is solid throughout and the countertop comes with a 10 year guarantee. This is why Trezzini is the best option for commercial applications needing long and clean uninterrupted lines.

Being solid and non porous, Trezzini countertops don’t support bacteria or any growth of mildew. With inconspicuous joints found on the countertop, there is no chance for dirt and bacteria to accumulate on the countertop. Moreover, Trezzini is a substance that does not absorb fats, stains, odor and oils.

Maintaining Trezzini countertops is easy; all that is needed is to wash the surface using soap and water. As the Trezzini countertop is hygienic, you can confidently prepare fish, meat and delicate pastry on the countertop, and clean up later with ease. Trezzini is a substance that resists all hard to clean chemical and reagent stains that usually damage other materials.

Though it is advisable to avoid any exposure to harsh chemicals on the Trezzini countertop like paint remover, nail polish remover and drain cleaners, if there are any spills, immediately wash off using soap and water with safety precaution. However, any form of stubborn stains like strong chemicals and spills left to stand on the countertop can be scrubbed using a common abrasive household cleaning agent. Even cigarette burn marks can be easily cleaned using the household cleaner. Once this is done, you have to buff in a circular motion using a scotch brite pad to get the original Trezzini look.

If you find any stains that are very persistent on your Trezzini countertop, you can remove it using sandpaper and a scotch brite pad. Being a solid color throughout its thickness, Trezzini is impervious to any form of permanent damage that arises with daily use. Scratches and cuts on the surface can be easily removed using a Scotch Brite pad.

When compared with other materials, the initial cost of Trezzini proves to be higher than other substances like laminate. However if you take the number of years Trezzini lasts, and its maintenance costs, you find that Trezzini pays for itself with its durability and low cost for maintenance.Like any other countertop substance, it is better to protect the Trezzini countertop from heat by using protective mats under hot pans and appliances producing heat. This is because direct, excessive heat tends to alter the appearance of its surface. Use cutting boards when possible to increase the life of Trezzini countertops. This is because though minor cuts and scratches can be repaired, large cuts are a bit difficult to repair.